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Clinical Use

Working as an adjunct therapy, RecoveryRx® adds another dimension to multimodal approaches to pain management improving patient comfort. RecoveryRx® has been clinically shown to significantly reduce postoperative pain and the use of narcotic pain medication postoperatively, potentially reducing the incidence of adverse side effects associated with these drugs.

Pulsed shortwave therapy is widely used to treat pain in a wide array of medical applications, including musculoskeletal pain, edema, postoperative pain and the promotion of wound healing. These claims are backed by an extensive list of clinical publications and research. Visit our Clinical Evidence page for complete clinical information.

PEMF therapy has been shown to have a number of therapeutic effects. These include reducing inflammation, increasing wound tensile strength, vasodilation, promoting angiogenesis and reducing postoperative pain. These effects result in a decreased need for postoperative pain medication and promotion of wound healing. Cell studies have shown gene families involved in tissue repair up-regulated after PEMF exposure (3). In mouse models of diabetic wounds, PEMF therapy has shown to increase dermal cell proliferation, increase tissue granulation and increase wound healing rates (4). And in human experimental wounds, PEMF treatment with an extended use device decreased healing times from 54 days in control to 39 days in the treated group (5), with advanced wound morphology also seen.

Cost Benefits of RecoveryRx®

Effective PEMF therapy at the cost that RecoveryRx® delivers has the potential to positively impact healthcare costs, both in wound care and for postoperative recovery. Chronic wound care in today’s society, with the increasing incidence of diabetes and an aging population is extreme. Case studies show that RecoveryRx® is effective at healing chronic wounds, and unlike advanced wound therapies has a low cost which means that it can be applied, not just to stalled wounds, but as a first choice therapy to improve healing times.

In postoperative surgical recovery, RecoveryRx® significantly reduces the level of pain medications required. Impacting patient comfort, reducing narcotic medication use and side effects and potentially limiting the incidence of chronic pain.

  • Carrier frequency 27.12MHz
  • Peak spatial power density 73 microwatts/ cm²
  • Pulse rate 1000 pulses per second
  • Pulsed on duration 100 micro seconds
  • Power source Battery
  • Antenna size 12cm or 8cm
  • Treatment area 100cm2 of 70cm2
  • Weight 8 grams
  • Operation time 720 hours (on/off capability)



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